What we are

We are Sharp!


We dynamically & quickly gathers live data - intelligence in the field, surveillance, and reconnaissance - perfect in law enforcement, disaster response, and can also be utilized in various routine inspection and documentation applications. 

We are Unique!


We are an Inspired & Intelligent group, a Unique small & exciting company that believes in a personal working relationship with our customers and high quality work. We are constantly making research, development, and testing endeavors to improve our equipment and skills. 

We will get it Done!


Our unmanned systems will help you to establish superiority in any situation and can be a “game changer” in lifesaving missions, disaster response, security or property protection, environmental protection and visual inspections. All in the highest quality output to get the job done.

About us & What we are all about


Our Equipment

Our UAV’s function remotely under tough conditions when necessary. High quality multi-sensor HD cameras or thermal cameras provide situational awareness and allow the operator to record, document and stream the data - a key advantage in all successful missions.

Our LiDAR per mission top of the line ground penetrating radar solutions LiDAR technology is available for many applications used for precise mapping and 3D modeling.  

We are “Gear-ready” 

Our Equipment dynamically and quickly gathers live data - intelligence in the field, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Perfect in law enforcement, disaster response, search and rescue and can also be utilized in various routine inspections, surveys and documentation applications.


Our Team, Our Pilots & What we are all about

Our team has over 10 years of experience in the manufacture and development of prototypes for security, Law Enforcement, military, and civilian applications, as well Over 10 years of experience with Unmanned systems. 

We are a group of former Law Enforcement officers, Military veterans and dexterous creators. 


Why Us?

Our vision is to provide fast, efficient, reliable and consistent service to all of those who need “eyes in the sky” or LiDAR scanning solution. We use purpose built UAV’s to provide the highest quality work and get the job done. 

Save Time, Reduce Costs, and Increase Efficiency. 

Inspiration Video

You are welcome to watch our short fun video and get Inspired with our Drone work :)  


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